5. Declaration

Occupy Jane - 5. Declaration

There are many issues raised by the Occupy movement, but they all stem from a system that prioritizes profit over the well-being of people and our greater society. In theory, government is supposed to be the balancing force that keeps the profit-driven system in check, but it can’t when corporations have increasing influence over government.

The Declaration of the Occupation of New York City
Andrew Cuomo Report on bank bail-outs and bonuses

4. The General Assembly

Occupy Jane - 4. The General Assembly
The General Assembly is at the heart of the Occupy movement. It is this process of participatory direct democracy that has enabled many people to join the movement as equal representatives. As the Occupy movement has spread around the world, so have their general assemblies.

Video: General Assembly Consensus Process (very informative!)
Video: OWS General Assembly
Video: General Assembly Facilitation Training
NYCGA General Assembly Guide
Occupy Wall Street blog by David Graeber
Harper’s article by Nathan Schneider
The Nation article by Nathan Schneider
General Assembly Minutes

3. September 17, 2011

Occupy Jane - 3. September 17, 2011
September 17, 2011 marked the official start of Occupy Wall Street. Thousands of people participated, and a few hundred camped overnight.

Photos taken on September 17 (Flickr)
Occupy Wall Street blog
US Day of Rage (one of the organizing groups)
General assembly minutes
The Dissenter live blog
Democracy Now coverage
Bloomberg Businessweek article on David Graeber (one of the OWS activists)
Salon article
NYTimes blog
Take the Square blog

2. We Are the 99 Percent

Occupy Jane - 2. We Are the 99 Percent
The slogan, “We are the 99 percent,” began as a blog on Tumblr to promote the September 17th Occupy Wall Street event. People were invited to post photos of themselves holding signs. All of the signs drawn here (except for Jane’s) are real submissions on the 99 Percent Project site.

99 Percent Project announcement on Occupy Wall Street site
The 99 Percent Project
The 99 Percent Project (early submissions including the ones used here)

1. Prologue

Occupy Jane #1 - Prologue

The “Occupy Wall Street” concept was introduced by Adbusters magazine, but the makings of the movement were already in place by the time it was announced. Numerous groups, including individuals who had formed the New York City General Assembly that summer, made Occupy Wall Street a reality.

Mother Jones article about how it started
NY Times blog on Bloombergville protest
Adbusters blog introducing Occupy Wall Street
Adbusters #occupywallstreet issue
Occupy Wall Street
New Yorkers Against Budget Cuts