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3. September 17, 2011

Occupy Jane - 3. September 17, 2011
September 17, 2011 marked the official start of Occupy Wall Street. Thousands of people participated, and a few hundred camped overnight.

Photos taken on September 17 (Flickr)
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US Day of Rage (one of the organizing groups)
General assembly minutes
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Bloomberg Businessweek article on David Graeber (one of the OWS activists)
Salon article
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1. Prologue

Occupy Jane #1 - Prologue

The “Occupy Wall Street” concept was introduced by Adbusters magazine, but the makings of the movement were already in place by the time it was announced. Numerous groups, including individuals who had formed the New York City General Assembly that summer, made Occupy Wall Street a reality.

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Occupy Wall Street
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